2013 NBA D-League Draft

Posted: November 7, 2013 in Basketball, Draft Coverage
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2013 NBA D-League Draft

The NBA Developmental league held their EIGHT round draft last Friday in a conference room via Cisco WebEx Meeting Center. It ain’t quite Radio City Music Hall, but the fact is that not every NBA dream begins at the NBA Draft. A particular pool of players begin their journey to the big show when their name is called during a video conference based in a location that we will never be able to totally verify. Technically, a strong case could be made that this draft never even happened. Would you even argue with me, if I told you that David Stern, Worldwide Wes, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Bill Russell, and Condoleeza Rice met in Bill Simmons’ basement and pick these teams themselves? It’s the D-League draft! This is the most irrelevant sporting event I have ever written about, even if we include that girls high school basketball game that I covered on Staten Island back in the day. Still, you clicked on this post for a reason, and some of the names that will pop up on this draft board will be sure to be worth the click that brought you here. So yea…the NBA D-League draft. It happened.



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